Quotable Quotes

  • "It may be a matter of touch and go, but we have no other choice but to make the effort. As far as I am concerned, knowing fully well that the situation is really desperate, I am making an effort - a national total effort - to raise the country out from the political, economic and diplomatic morass that 17 years of the king's dictatorial rule has led her into. At my age, I have no other choice. That is why I am keen on meeting the king even just once to convince him that national efforts can't be mobilised by the total centralisation of political authority solely in his own hand. If I could succeed in this then I will have personal satisfaction, and the sacrifices of so many men will be relevant and won't go in vain." (23 March 1977)

  • "Back again at the Sundarijal detention camp. I am relaxed, alas, because I am free from Indira's [Gandhi's] chicanery and double dealing and the atmosphere of confusion there. The relief is also due to the fact that the period of uncertainty about the course of action is now over by our return to Nepal. Die is cast." (30 December 1976)

  • "... [We] have come and are placing ourselves at the King's hands to achieve political understanding in the interests of the nation. It is not the time to rake up the past and start accusing each other." (30 December 1976)