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Father Krishna Prasad Koirala had to leave Nepal when B. P. was three years old. Everyone in the family had a warrant of arrest against him; their entire property was confiscated. They were in exile in India for twelve years [1917-1929] so B. P. had his schooling in India, and thereafter he joined his college there. The British Raj charged him and his brother, Matrika Prasad koirala, for having contacts with terrorists in 1930. They were arrested and set free after three months. Due to this, Bishweshwar began to study in Calcutta at Scottish Church College per his father's wishes. Towards the end of 1930, he left the college and returned to Banaras . In 1932, he completed his intermediate level of studies. His father again insisted that his son join Scottish Church College in Calcutta. So for the second time, B.P. joined the college but left it soon after. In 1934, he completed his bachelor's degree in economics and politics from Banaras Hindu Universitty. After earning his degree at the Banaras Hindu University, he later took a degree in law at the University of Calcutta in 1937.